“Mom” ‘s The Word!

This post is not just about MY mom…It’s about ALL moms in general! But the post HAS been inspired by my mother. A lovely woman who somehow managed to be gentle and scary at the same time. (just kidding Mom!) 

You see, my dear mother traveled all the way from India to Cardiff (UK) just to be with me during a difficult time in my life. April 24th 2013 was a difficult date for me as it was the one year death anniversary of someone I loved very much. And despite the strong disposition I always tried to uphold, my mom just KNEW that I would need support during this time. So she booked a ticket, took a 13 hour flight to the UK and surprised me in Cardiff!! And she made sure that April 24th was “just another date” in my life.

THIS is what Moms all over the world do. They give up anything in their life to for the sake of their children. They sacrifice everything for their children. After a woman becomes a mother, her happiness truly lies in the happiness and safety of her children.


After a woman becomes a mother, she isn’t defined by her profession or her character. She She is defined by the very fact that she is a MOTHER. I remember watching an episode of the U.S TV series “The Middle” in which a potential employer asks the main character (Frankie Heck) “How would you describe yourself? Who are you?”. To which Frankie replied “I am a Mother!” 


[A picture of the American sitcom “The Middle”]

All of us owe our lives to our mothers! They are truly angels in our lives! Mothers are the only people in the world who we can BLINDLY trust and who we KNOW will ALWAYS want the very best for us and will never wish us any harm!

The song “Angel” by Flipsyde is my absolute favorite song about moms. It really shows how much our mothers do for us even if we repeatedly disappoint them.


If our moms wrote a letter for us, it would be something like THIS…a piece I found on the internet. The piece nearly brought tears to my eyes! It shows how UNCONDITIONAL a mother’s love is!

Maybe you have something special to say about YOUR Mom? Something she might have said or done which stayed with you for life? Perhaps you can share them here for the world to see and learn too.

I’ll end by saying that MOTHERS are the best gift any child could ever ask for. The love, attention and affection received from a Mother knows NO BOUNDS. It starts as unconditional and remains unconditional throughout life! So LOVE your moms everyone! Because that is the ONLY THING she wants!

I Love You Mom!!


[Picture 1: A fun pic of Mom & me in Cardiff]


“You can change my world
Make it spin, or make it stop.
You can hold my hand, look in my eyes
You lift me up.
You’re the only one who can wipe away
My tears for good
Like no other.
Maybe that’s why they call you MOTHER”



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