Be what you wanna be…Be YOURSELF!


This is something I have always firmly believed in! “BE YOURSELF!” Be yourself and you can never go wrong!

Trouble starts when people try to be something they’re not! When they try to be fake and they pretend to be something they truly aren’t!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the same tastes as everyone else. So what if you don’t drink alcohol? So what if you choose to spend your free time reading instead of partying? So what if you prefer documentaries over teen-flicks and commercial films? SO WHAT?? That’s who YOU are! And you should be PROUD of the person you are!


Being yourself is a sure-fire way of being HAPPY! Be AUTHENTIC…..Be UNIQUE!! I found this wonderful article titled “Dare To Be Yourself”. The article is extremely insightful and is a MUST READ for everyone out there! So many people feel the need to “FIT IN” and they go to the extent of completely changing who they are…changing their very beliefs and principles….And for what?? Just to get a few people to like you? It is absolutely NOT worth it!!

As Morcheeba says-
“Just be yourself,
Any way that you want to.
Just be yourself,
Any way that you can!”
[You can listen to the full song here]

Remember, BEING YOURSELF is something YOU will ALWAYS be the BEST at!! You may not be the world’s best dancer or the city’s best singer…. But the ONE THING you will always be the best at is being yourself! NOBODY else can do a better job than YOU!


Always remember Oscar Wilde’s quote: “Be Yourself; everyone else is already taken!”



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