“If you give a little LOVE, you can get a little LOVE of your own!”

I just could NOT resist uploading this video onto my blog! It is one of the most touching and insightful videos I have ever seen..
Every single person should watch this video. And could stand to learn something from it too!

This video shows the importance of being kind to people…and that being kind to others is contagious. If you perform an act of kindness for a person, there is a huge possibility that someone sees you being kind and that inspires them to be kind to someone ELSE. And this goes on and on! And who knows? Maybe it’ll come back in a full circle and land on YOU! Someone might perform an act of kindness for YOU!

It’s not just that someone who sees you being kind will decide to be kind to people himself. There is also a very big possibility that the person you are kind to is so touched that he decides to show an act of kindness to someone else in return…It all comes down to kindness being CONTAGIOUS!

We all know the movie “Pay It Forward” in which a young boy comes up with the concept of performing acts of kindness to 3 people and requesting the 3 individuals to pay him back by helping 3 OTHER people. It grows to be like the networking of good deeds where in each person shows kindness to 3 people…and finally a big “kindness tree” is born with multiple branches!

Kindness is not only something that can help the world become a better place. It is also something that can make a person feel good about himself. Think about it! Won’t you feel good knowing that you were able to bring a smile onto a person’s face? Won’t you feel great knowing that you have helped someone…even if it is just a “little” something you have done for them? In fact, research shows that kindness helps the giver by the release of neurotransmitters that are responsible for feelings of contentment and relaxation! It’s a “win-win”  situation! And there’s no denying SCIENCE!

So head on out and perform your act of kindness TODAY! Whether it is volunteering at a community center, helping your aged neighbor with her daily chores, helping a blind person across the street or buying Christmas presents for a family who can’t afford to buy it themselves…IT MATTERS! Any SMALL bit goes a LONG way!

This video shows how being kind can make the world a better place! And our world COULD DO with some goodness!

This is a link to another beautiful video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqrBj4TWnd0  ..  This is a MUST WATCH as well!

Remember, ‘If you give a little love, you can get a little love of your own!’

“It’s the everyday things that really count
And the everyday people we know;
And everyday kindnesses go very far,
Toward making a heaven below..”


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