Valentines Melodrama!

Ahhhh Valentines Day! Red balloons everywhere…Cupids all around…and LOVE in the air! It is the day of absolute joy and happiness for girls everywhere as they receive flowers, teddy bears, chocolates and gifts from their “special someone”.

Or is it?

This Valentines day proved to be quite stressful for me personally. This was my first Valentines day alone in THREE years!! Now THAT is quite a long time in the “relationship calendar”. Three whole years of being in a relationship…and three Valentines days with the same person…a person I had grown to love more than life itself.

But of course, not all tales have happy endings and suddenly I found myself alone on Valentines Day 2013! How did I handle it? Not very well at first! I spent the entire day of February 13th crying my eyes out and feeling sorry for myself. As I saw all the store windows showcasing hearts and flowers for this special day, I kept wondering why I didn’t have anyone to spend this day with! I spent the whole day looking at pictures of my past relationship and crying about the fact that I don’t have that anymore.

“Why can’t I have someone who loves me to bits?!” I cried!

And exactly 5 minutes later, my friend called up and asked me to make dinner reservations for February 14th. “It’s Valentines Day and it’s depressing for all of us! So why not have a Girls Night this Valentines Day…just us girls” she said! And that’s when it hit me! I’m not the ONLY girl who is spending Valentines Day as a single person. I’m not the ONLY girl feeling low and sad. There are many girls out there who feel exactly the same.

And I realized, I DO have people who love me to BITS! I have my friends! They realized I was sad and decided to go out of their way to pluck me up! They ensured that I wouldn’t spend “the day of love” feeling UNLOVED! And I realized how LUCKY I am to have such incredible and amazing friends!

I read a couple of articles on the internet that changed my perspective as well. The articles made me realize that LOVE doesn’t ONLY mean the romantic love that couples share. There are so many types of love in the world and having just ONE of them makes u lucky! The articles the links and direct to really helped me STOP feeling sorry for myself and just let go and have FUN!

Of course I could never have done this without my wonderful friends! I would never have got through the day without them. And it’s safe to say that I never again will feel UNLOVED!

So girls, don’t fret! So what if you don’t have a boyfriend this Valentines Day? So what if you don’t have a boy to give you chocolates and teddy bears and roses? There’s always another year! And until then, you have always got your friends.

As the quote says “Boyfriends may come and go…but friends always STAY!”



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