The Big Cardiff Move!

Ever so often, we go through things that change our perspective on life. Our very outlook. And life as we know it changes. Perhaps it’s a new job. Or maybe a unique relationship. The factor varies from person to person.

For me, it was my move from India to Cardiff. How did this change me as a person you may ask? Well, being the youngest in my family, I was always treated like a baby. I always had things done for me. And I barely had to work for anything on my own. I had my Mom cooking food for me and ensuring that I stick to a routine. I had my Dad buy things for me which I really required but which I was too lazy to go out and buy myself. And I had my elder brother always looking out for me and ensuring that I made friends with the right people. I was the darling of the family…always pampered. Everything was handed to me on a silver platter!

Of course, at the time I didn’t appreciate it at all! I always thought “Why can’t my parents just let me do things on my own?” and “Why do they constantly treat me as if I’m a little kid? Don’t they understand how grown up I am?” All I wanted at the time was to be “independent” and do things on my own.

And then in September 2012, I moved from India to Cardiff for my Masters. Now THIS was an absolute dream come true for me! I had always wanted to study in the UK and live the ultimate “student life” with no parents by my side setting various restrictions and curfews! THIS is what I had always wanted. And finally, I was able to follow through with it.

The first couple of days in Cardiff were simply AMAZING! Parties every night, returning home at 3 in the morning, sleeping through the day! Everything seemed absolutely perfect. “I knew I was ready to be away from my parents”, I thought with a smug smile on my face, “I love being away from home”!

The defining moment (my moment of truth, if you will) arrived a few weeks later…once classes began at University. After weeks of non-stop, routine-less, curfew-less partying and fun, I was in bed with a TERRIBLE case of “freshers flu” and tissues all over my bedroom! But since classes had begun, I had to drag myself out of bed in order to attend University. And because of the flu, I just couldn’t come up with enough energy to actually cook something for myself. And after a long day at lectures (all the while, blowing my nose into loads of tissue papers), I returned to my room, opened the door and flopped back onto my bed…tired and drained completely of all energy.

And it was then I realized that I still needed my parents. Sure they would baby me and sure they were over-protective. But everything they did was in MY best interest. My mom always had a hot bowl of soup ready for me whenever I was ill. Of course, I would BARELY fall ill because my mom was always there to give me healthy food at proper times and my dad was always there to cheer me up when I was down.

My mom always had a tasty, home-cooked meal for me the minute I walked through the door. I never once had to walk into an empty house because my mom made sure that she was always at home when her “little princess” arrived from college.

It was then I realized that while being independent seems great and liberating, it is also a LOT of hard work! And while the “student life” looks like it’s all fun and partying, there is also a lot of cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and laundry visits! And it is also a lot of looking after yourself and fending for yourself. Since your parents aren’t around to take care of you, you need to do it yourself. Which gets extremely tedious at times! And I realized that I would trade the “independent student life” for being my mom and dad’s “little girl” ANY DAY!

I will ALWAYS be a “little princess” to my parents. They will ALWAYS baby me and treat me like I’m a little kid. They will ALWAYS be over protective of me and set restrictions and curfews that sometimes just seem unreasonable!

And I will ALWAYS be grateful for that!!



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