“Mom” ‘s The Word!

This post is not just about MY mom…It’s about ALL moms in general! But the post HAS been inspired by my mother. A lovely woman who somehow managed to be gentle and scary at the same time. (just kidding Mom!) 

You see, my dear mother traveled all the way from India to Cardiff (UK) just to be with me during a difficult time in my life. April 24th 2013 was a difficult date for me as it was the one year death anniversary of someone I loved very much. And despite the strong disposition I always tried to uphold, my mom just KNEW that I would need support during this time. So she booked a ticket, took a 13 hour flight to the UK and surprised me in Cardiff!! And she made sure that April 24th was “just another date” in my life.

THIS is what Moms all over the world do. They give up anything in their life to for the sake of their children. They sacrifice everything for their children. After a woman becomes a mother, her happiness truly lies in the happiness and safety of her children.


After a woman becomes a mother, she isn’t defined by her profession or her character. She She is defined by the very fact that she is a MOTHER. I remember watching an episode of the U.S TV series “The Middle” in which a potential employer asks the main character (Frankie Heck) “How would you describe yourself? Who are you?”. To which Frankie replied “I am a Mother!” 


[A picture of the American sitcom “The Middle”]

All of us owe our lives to our mothers! They are truly angels in our lives! Mothers are the only people in the world who we can BLINDLY trust and who we KNOW will ALWAYS want the very best for us and will never wish us any harm!

The song “Angel” by Flipsyde is my absolute favorite song about moms. It really shows how much our mothers do for us even if we repeatedly disappoint them.


If our moms wrote a letter for us, it would be something like THIS…a piece I found on the internet. The piece nearly brought tears to my eyes! It shows how UNCONDITIONAL a mother’s love is!

Maybe you have something special to say about YOUR Mom? Something she might have said or done which stayed with you for life? Perhaps you can share them here for the world to see and learn too.

I’ll end by saying that MOTHERS are the best gift any child could ever ask for. The love, attention and affection received from a Mother knows NO BOUNDS. It starts as unconditional and remains unconditional throughout life! So LOVE your moms everyone! Because that is the ONLY THING she wants!

I Love You Mom!!


[Picture 1: A fun pic of Mom & me in Cardiff]


“You can change my world
Make it spin, or make it stop.
You can hold my hand, look in my eyes
You lift me up.
You’re the only one who can wipe away
My tears for good
Like no other.
Maybe that’s why they call you MOTHER”



Be what you wanna be…Be YOURSELF!


This is something I have always firmly believed in! “BE YOURSELF!” Be yourself and you can never go wrong!

Trouble starts when people try to be something they’re not! When they try to be fake and they pretend to be something they truly aren’t!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the same tastes as everyone else. So what if you don’t drink alcohol? So what if you choose to spend your free time reading instead of partying? So what if you prefer documentaries over teen-flicks and commercial films? SO WHAT?? That’s who YOU are! And you should be PROUD of the person you are!


Being yourself is a sure-fire way of being HAPPY! Be AUTHENTIC…..Be UNIQUE!! I found this wonderful article titled “Dare To Be Yourself”. The article is extremely insightful and is a MUST READ for everyone out there! So many people feel the need to “FIT IN” and they go to the extent of completely changing who they are…changing their very beliefs and principles….And for what?? Just to get a few people to like you? It is absolutely NOT worth it!!

As Morcheeba says-
“Just be yourself,
Any way that you want to.
Just be yourself,
Any way that you can!”
[You can listen to the full song here]

Remember, BEING YOURSELF is something YOU will ALWAYS be the BEST at!! You may not be the world’s best dancer or the city’s best singer…. But the ONE THING you will always be the best at is being yourself! NOBODY else can do a better job than YOU!


Always remember Oscar Wilde’s quote: “Be Yourself; everyone else is already taken!”


GRIEF: How do you cope? What do you do?

We have all experienced it. That INTENSE feeling of pain! The feeling that your whole entire world has crashed and burned in a matter of seconds! A void inside us that just never seems to go away…no matter how hard we try. We have all felt it! We have all come face-to-face with GRIEF!

But how do we cope with it? And how do we get past it? I’ll start off by saying right away that it is NOT going to be easy. Dealing with grief takes time. And the sad part is, no one knows how long it might take. Could take a month…a year…or maybe even a decade! But eventually, we get past it. And if the grief is too strong (like the grief over losing a loved one) then we learn to ACCEPT IT!

We all know about the five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. But what no one ever tells you is that sometimes, you experience ALL the stages AT THE SAME TIME!! Which just gets ridiculously confusing! And all you can do is HOPE! HOPE for things to get better…HOPE that the pain subsides…HOPE that you will be able to see the light at the end of this long and dark tunnel.


Everyone grieves differently. Some might lie in bed crying for weeks. Some might react by lashing out in anger. Some might like to take something like a sabbatical to help cure them. The point is, there is no RIGHT or WRONG when dealing with grief. Do NOT let anyone tell you that you are dealing with your grief the “wrong way.” Only YOU know the pain you are going through and only YOU know what is best for you.

You need to understand that grief is nothing to be ashamed of. Take your time in grieving. Cry how much ever you want to! Scream to the Gods above! Grieve at your own pace. It is NOT a sign of weakness. It is completely natural. Feeling grief does not mean that you aren’t a strong person. It is just something you have to deal with.


It might help to read THIS article on dealing with grief. Though it mainly talks about dealing with grief pertaining to the loss of a loved one, it might help dealing with other kinds of griefs too.

I also found this wonderful blog post about linking your grief with photography. It talks about how you can use photography as a tool to help you cope with your grief. It is a VERY interesting read and something I truly believe we should all try! [Photography need not be the only way. You could also paint, write songs, blog, or compose music….whatever you fancy]

You might also want to watch this video which has 5 tips on how to deal with grief and how to cope with it. I found it extremely enlightening and helpful.

In the meantime, it would help to know that THIS is NOT the end. It is never the end unless YOU say it is. Just KNOW that there is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel. You might not be able to see it now…but it is there. You just have to work your way to it. Sometimes, it it necessary to break down completely in order to emerge as a stronger person. Sooner or later, the birds will start singing again. And the flowers will bloom once more.

And before you know it, you will be able to spot that faint glimmer of light at the end of the road!


Is there a way YOU deal with grief? Something small that helps you deal with the pain? Maybe a little remedy which you think helped you a great deal?
If yes, then please let me know and share it with the rest of the world! It will be extremely useful to a lot of people out there!

HAPPINESS: A “Do-It-Yourself” Project


People ask me “What do you want to be in life?” That is a question I hear every single time I attend a family get-together. And since I am one of the youngest in my family, the entire attention and focus turns to me.

Anyway, back to the question…”What do you want to be in life?” And my answer each and every time is “I want to be happy.” I don’t launch into a detailed explanation of where I see myself in 10 years and what stream of Public Relations (since that’s what I’m studying right now) I wish to work in. No! My answer is simple. “Happiness.” And if you break down the response of other individuals to the same question, it all boils down to “Happiness.”

Who DOESN’T want to be happy in life? To be absolutely content and in a state of complete bliss… That’s everyone’s dream! But what most people don’t realize is that happiness is a “DIY Project.” Something you need to attain YOURSELF! There are so many people who think that their happiness lies in the hands of somebody else! They believe that the “key to their happiness” lies with somebody else. Now THIS is completely untrue!


No one other than yourself has the power to make you truly happy. Sure, other people can do things for you that give you momentary happiness. A kind word, a pretty gift…things like that! But true happiness comes from within…and only YOU can give yourself that.

Your happiness doesn’t lie with someone else. The “key to your happiness” lies ONLY with you! Only YOU can wake up and say “You know what? I’m gonna be happy today!” Only YOU can bring yourself out of grief and unhappiness. Yes other people can help and sure they can influence you. But in the end, the power to be truly happy lies with you!

Listen to “Pocketful Of Sunshine” by Natasha Bedingfield and “UP” by Shania Twain for that little catalyst to set off your “Happy Quotient.” These are my personal HAPPY songs! Do you have any? If yes, perhaps you could share them for the rest of the world to see.

Watch this simple and beautiful video on how to create happiness on your own. It truly shows you how easy it is to attain happiness on your own and not having to rely on anybody for it. “Tips” for happiness if you may!

Remember, “Happiness isn’t something you FIND; it’s something you CREATE”


Music…The Essence of LIFE!


“Music is the food for the soul”. The value of Music on a man’s emotional life knows no bounds. Music can take you to a million places without having to step out of the comfort of your home. It has the enchanting ability of awakening our imagination; making us fly back in time and re-live all those long buried memories. One particular song can make us either laugh, cry or even jump up and shake leg to the tune! Each piece of music means something entirely different to every person. While Summer of ‘69” by Bryan Adams makes one person reminisce his childhood days in joy, it could invoke a dark realization in another person that his glory days are now long gone. All over the world, people turn to the melodies of music to relax after a hard day’s work: Rhythm itself being a great tranquilizer.


Nowhere has it been said that only music composers can experience the true joy music that provides the heart and soul. There is always a song or a piece of music that reflects exactly what we feel and our current state of mind. Fed up with books and studies?? “Another Brick In The Wall” by Pink Floyd is your anthem. Lost your loved one recently?? Perhaps you can identify with Pearl Jam’s “Last Kiss”. Feeling a little lonely?? “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Greenday is what you should be listening to. Had a tough day at work and need to unwind?? Beethoven, Bach and Mozart will rescue you from the mundane tasks of life and take you away to a place where everything is absolutely magical! The music legends always seem to come up with a piece that describes every single emotion you feel.

Music is not made for the EARS; it’s made for the heart and the soul. Music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity; something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music. Music has the beauty of expressing loneliness and pain, strength and freedom. And the beauty of unrequited and everlasting love. There is a power in music that can alter a soul. It can bring in a flood of emotions with a single note. As the popular saying goes, “After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.”

“Music gives a soul to the universe,

Wings to the mind,

Flight to the imagination

And life to everything”



No(body)’s Perfect!

This was an article I had written for an assignment over the Christmas break. And I strongly believe that EVERY girl MUST read this article!


What is it about “body image” that send girls all over the world into panic mode? Especially teenage girls! Why do they feel the need to have the “perfect body”? Why can’t they accept their body for what it is…love themselves for exactly the way they are?

As I walked into New Look with my 13 year old niece, I was enticed by all the beautiful clothes around me. My niece needed a black-and-white dress for her Society Ball and I was with her to help her pick out the perfect outfit. And of course, to look at the beautiful new collection at New Look!

Suddenly I heard my niece squeal in excitement! She pointed to the perfect gown! As we looked through the rack, she sighed and said “This dress is available in every other size except size 12!! I hate that I’m fat! I wish I had the perfect body.” And I was stunned because, according to me, my niece had a perfectly normal body type and figure!

Young girls all over the world strive to attain, what they think is, the “perfect body”. Girls as young as 10 feel pressure to have a “perfect” body. And sometimes, this leads to them using laxatives to maintain their body image or also to anorexia and bulimia.

I attribute all of this to the recent fashion trends. Size Zero seems to be the latest “in thing” in the world of fashion, beauty and style! If you aren’t a size zero, you are just not good enough. Victoria Beckham seems to be the new role model for young girls as they struggle for her rake-thin look. Barbie is now FAT!

Of course, Posh Spice isn’t the only one to blame. The media plays an extremely large role in the propagation of the “thin is in” message. Pick up a magazine or switch on the television, and all you see is hoards of extremely attractive and extremely THIN women. Rarely will we see a plus size woman in a magazine or as the lead role on television.


According to the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA,) “the media is the main source of information about women’s health issues” for adolescent girls. In addition, NEDA finds that, “1 out of every 3.8 television commercials sends some sort of ‘attractiveness message,’ and the average adolescent sees an estimated 5,260 attractiveness messages per year.”

All this leads to young girls yearning for the perfect body. Leads them to resort to unhealthy means to attain their vision of a perfect body. Girls need different role models. Instead of Victoria Beckham, it should be Adele who young girls look up to. But that isn’t possible due to the amount of comments in the media about Adele’s weight and body type.

This completely prevents girls from having a positive opinion about their own body type and shape. Young girls need to believe that they are perfect the way they are. They need to accept their body type for what it is.

Young girls need to understand that there are many different body types in the world. There’s stocky, willowy, lanky, petite, muscular and so on. You don’t choose what body type you have. You are born with it. And you need to accept it for exactly how it is.

For example, I have long since accepted the fact that I’m tall with wide hips, an hourglass figure, long legs and a pretty medium sized bust. That is exactly how I will look either fat or thin. There will just be less or more of me. No matter how much I try, I cannot achieve the narrow model look. But I can still tone my body to suit my body type.

This is what young girls today need to understand. They need to realize that they are perfectly fine the way they are. They need to identify the positives of their body type and work on that. Also, it would help to keep the words of Bruno Mars in mind- “Girl you’re amazing just the way you are”.

So girls, you are beautiful and perfect exactly the way you are. And don’t let anyone tell you any different. Keep in mind that no body is “perfect”. The “perfect body” is just an illusion. And remember girls, boys like a girl who they can cuddle up to. Not a girl with her bones sticking out and poking him when he attempts to hug her. And THAT is the truth of the matter!


“If you give a little LOVE, you can get a little LOVE of your own!”

I just could NOT resist uploading this video onto my blog! It is one of the most touching and insightful videos I have ever seen..
Every single person should watch this video. And could stand to learn something from it too!

This video shows the importance of being kind to people…and that being kind to others is contagious. If you perform an act of kindness for a person, there is a huge possibility that someone sees you being kind and that inspires them to be kind to someone ELSE. And this goes on and on! And who knows? Maybe it’ll come back in a full circle and land on YOU! Someone might perform an act of kindness for YOU!

It’s not just that someone who sees you being kind will decide to be kind to people himself. There is also a very big possibility that the person you are kind to is so touched that he decides to show an act of kindness to someone else in return…It all comes down to kindness being CONTAGIOUS!

We all know the movie “Pay It Forward” in which a young boy comes up with the concept of performing acts of kindness to 3 people and requesting the 3 individuals to pay him back by helping 3 OTHER people. It grows to be like the networking of good deeds where in each person shows kindness to 3 people…and finally a big “kindness tree” is born with multiple branches!

Kindness is not only something that can help the world become a better place. It is also something that can make a person feel good about himself. Think about it! Won’t you feel good knowing that you were able to bring a smile onto a person’s face? Won’t you feel great knowing that you have helped someone…even if it is just a “little” something you have done for them? In fact, research shows that kindness helps the giver by the release of neurotransmitters that are responsible for feelings of contentment and relaxation! It’s a “win-win”  situation! And there’s no denying SCIENCE!

So head on out and perform your act of kindness TODAY! Whether it is volunteering at a community center, helping your aged neighbor with her daily chores, helping a blind person across the street or buying Christmas presents for a family who can’t afford to buy it themselves…IT MATTERS! Any SMALL bit goes a LONG way!

This video shows how being kind can make the world a better place! And our world COULD DO with some goodness!

This is a link to another beautiful video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqrBj4TWnd0  ..  This is a MUST WATCH as well!

Remember, ‘If you give a little love, you can get a little love of your own!’

“It’s the everyday things that really count
And the everyday people we know;
And everyday kindnesses go very far,
Toward making a heaven below..”